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Tipping a dockhand

Interesting, seems to be a bit out of hand doesn't it?* I don't mind tipping for good service or a service employee who goes the extra mile.*

In Granada, Spain, for example, where tipping isn't the custom, I gave the arabic taxi driver double the fare for*chasing off the "Black Feet" (aka thieving hippies) who were mobbing us, wanting to carry our bags 20 feet to the hotel door.*

But on the other hand, taking a shuttle bus to the airport last week, there was a sign above a*money container by the driver suggesting that "tipping the driver is appreciated."* I wasn't quite sure why I should tip him though, he didn't carry my luggage, wasn't particularly entertaining and certainly not very attractive?** *

Maybe just because he got us to the terminal without getting into an accident and killing us!*

Larry B

PS: Love your pics John!!

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