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Do a search on here and the Internet. Perkins 6.354 manuals are not hard to find. I think 1 is on here. Tractor or boat are the same internals. And you can use the same manuals to a point.
Find a cheap stethoscope (Harbor Freight maybe) isolate the noise. If there were metals in the fluids and banging I'd go with a crank or rod bearing. Piece of wood against the block and up to ear will work too. Don't run it a lot. You don't want to mess up the crank.
Rebuild kits are available. Sleeves, pistons, rods, bearings..
Now the bad... Almost a pull the engine job to rebuild. No way to get to the crank if it's a bearing. At the very least lift the engine and work on it. Under it...
Plus all the stuff you have to take off to do it. And a twin, less room...I'd pull the engine myself. So much easier to work on and do it right that way...
Or pull and replace with a rebuilt one. Keep that old one and rebuild it for when the other one goes.....
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