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Originally Posted by mramoo View Post
Fuel problems are a maintenance problem. If you do the maintenance and keep your fuel clean and dry, you won't have fuel problems.
How does one avoid a slug of water from a reputable fueling spot?

Sure you can sample at the beginning and ending of fueling, always only fill one tank at a time, have water monitoring in your fuel filters, and have lightning fast reactions to switch your tanks and filters before the engine sucks water, wait after refueling and drain your tank sumps if they have them.... but how many boaters fit this description?

Granted I have never had the problem... or thousands more boaters either...but I know of a few boaters and a few friends in USCG helos that are meticulous that have got a slug of fuel the went undetected.

Sure this type of issue can also affect twins...but usually not at the exact same time which is nice, but you may not have much time between engine stoppages.
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