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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Without boat, captain and crew capabilities and comfort impossible question to answer.

If discussing your 45 Jeff without stabilizers, are you willing to rock and roll for 30 minutes or so a couple of times on the trip?

If you are, hug the beach as much as you can and you can go in a gale as long as it's North or Northwest.

Otherwise....wind on the nose, 12 knots, on the stern 15 knots and less than 10 from the East.... especially if there is any swell component

The only real current against wind issue is a few miles near both Sandy Hook and Cape May...or entering any inlet.

Timing of topic is very helpful - thanks! I am actually planning a similar trip going either tomorrow or Friday. NOAA zone forecast has it getting to 3-4s on Friday afternoon and 2s and 3s tomorrow and early Friday. Period is at 6-7 seconds. Winds are out of S or SW. 10 hour trip for me. I will/would be going down with wife and two kids and boat is 42 GB that can cruise at 18kt. My question is how much would running along the coast would deviate (favorably) from the NOAA forecast - ie - If zone is 3-4s, a mile out from shore would it be expected to be the same or far more mild. Any insight would be most appreciated!
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