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The the Simrad AP like the Raymarine? With a Raymarine AP, it will not turn the boat to a new leg heading. It will ask if you want to turn. You must confirm it. Lawyers doing their job no doubt. But the result requires the same attention at each waypoint as simply setting the new course yourself.

On current drift and set - if you turn on the COG vector on the RM chartplotter, just line it up with the desired course. Yes this will require periodic checking, and you will have maybe even a couple of minutes work into in on a multi hour leg.

I'm not a luddite, have had track following autopilots for decades, and very rarely found a use for them. If your watch keeping routine does not include checking position and course frequently, you will eventually regret it. Less true in the south east, more true in the north west, if only to avoid trees.
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