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Originally Posted by tiltrider1 View Post
like everything in life there is a time to run on one engine and a time to run on two. Normally I run two engines at 10 knots and burn 1.1 gpm. If I want to max my gpm then i slow the boat down to 6.5 knots. Problem now is that I am out of safe operation parameters for my Cat 3208t engines. If I operate just one engine I can maintain proper rpms and temperatures while only going 6.5 knots there by halving my gpm. The cost in this case is time. It’s rare that fuel is more important to me then time. However if I was poor and wanted to get from Seattle to Ketchikan with out buying fuel in Canada I could achieve it by going slow on one engine. What applies to my boat does not necessarily apply to the next boat.
Trust you meant gph (gallons per hour) rather than by minute.
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