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The cat has a sail. It's likely also got saildrive type folding propellers. This is key, otherwise the prop still spins, causing drag. A boat like that is designed to operate without an engine running at all. So, yeah, if the winds aren't sufficient it would make sense to only add as much engine as is desired for the conditions.

Be wary of sailors and their tales of savings. Cheap f'ers, will claim all kinds of nonsense, and jump through all sorts of stupid hoops in the name of 'savings'. I joke, a ragbagger can squeeze a nickel so hard you can hear Jefferson scream.

But I suppose, poking along at such slow speeds leaves them with too much free time to dwell on it.

I'm with Ken, powerboats with twins are generally designed to operate with both of them running. Steps may well need to be taken to avoid damaging the transmission and/or shaft bearings by leaving a prop spinning without the engine powering it.
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