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UPDATE: I'm pretty sure the problem is solved. Massive thanks to twistedtree (post #3) and Ski in NC (post #10) for suggesting the reset-only fuse. I've been running great without one (jumpered around it) for many days now, without a hitch. Yesterday, my new fuse arrived and I put it in, and ran for at least 90 minutes last night. Everything is still perfect!

My relay/socket block is still zip-tied out in space to isolate it from as much vibration as possible, but I don't think that was my problem - I think it was that fuse / circuit breaker. I got all new relays, but haven't put any of them in yet, and if everything keeps working, I won't put them in - I'll just have two complete sets of spares!

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this. As always, I wish I had posted my problem here earlier - TF is such an incredible source of knowledge!
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