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RE: Transom Soot

Before you tear into the engine,*insure all servicing issues by the book are performed. Run out the fuel and*again renew with fresh fuel filters.After sitting for 6 years the boat needs clean fuel. Questions:
  1. How dirty are your fuel filters?*
  2. Describe* your fuel filtering setup.
  3. Can you drain a quart or so of fuel from a tank bottom*and see if*loaded*with gunk and water.
  4. Does the engine miss or stumble at cruise RPM?
  5. Does the engine start with difficulty?
  6. Can you see a distinct color to the exhaust?
If 4, 5 and 6 are no, maybe you have no serious problem and*the extension as Jay describes takes care of the soot.

If you do injector work, first insure your fuel is clean - old water laden fuel can*damage injectors quickly.
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