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Evacuation Order

Living in the PNW I never thought I'd be told to evacuate, but the reverse 911 call came about an hour ago. I live 4 blocks from the Puyallup River in Puyallup WA and it is expected to crest at 36 feet by 4am. Flood is 30.3 feet, the record crest is 34 feet in 1917.

As is the case with most stubborn folks we're not going anywhere. My house sits on a mound a*couple feet higher than the surrounding area so even if the yard floods, I might be safe. The roads on the other side of the river are all closed to incoming traffic and residents on that side are in very grave danger of severe flooding to all the homes. They live in a bowl with the levy on*one side and the raised railroad bed on the other side.

One of the contributing streams that runs into the Puyallup River is backed up and threatening closure of I-5, the main north/south corridor, one southbound lane is already closed. The rain is still coming down.

Is it too soon to start complaining that FEMA isn't here yet? Where is my $500.00 credit card to use at the strip club?

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