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Originally Posted by Delfin View Post
Best of luck, and very sorry for the problems with an otherwise great boat. For what it is worth, Delfin is also 55', her shaft is around 8 feet long, the longest unsupported run is 4 feet, and is 2 1/2" in diameter. The gear is 3.8:1, so at our normal cruising rpm of 1400, her 44" wheel is turning pretty slowly. Just using that as a comparison, a 2" shaft of that length seems a bit noodle like, at least to me. Is Monel stiffer than 316 stainless and if so, is that an option?
Thanks for the information. I need such real reference cases as yours, otherwise everything is possible. So a bit more clarification requested:

a. What is your engine power ? Mine is 178HP, and my gear box is 3:1.
b. Do you have a thrust bearing ? If so do you consider thrust bearing as "support" against radial forces (thrust bearing seems to me to be used for aixal forces).
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