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Some people....

Sitting here in my saloon whipping some lines and drinking a beer and I hear a bunch of angry yelling. I finally look up and two guys are standing on the dock at the marina across the 45í fairway right behind my boat. Another is acting as spectator not wanting to get involved. It gets increasingly heated until one guy knocks the other into the water. Yeah, stupid.

The guy in the water has an only inflatable on, and it partially inflates. The water is probably 50 degrees and the guy is old, fat, and flailing. No way he was going to climb up on the dock and they donít have emergency ladders. I finally step out on my cockpit and yell at the guy on the dock that he needs to fish the other guy out of the water before I call the police. I think they finally realize they have a situation so the two guys struggle to get the wet one up on the dock. If they didnít, I would have had to throw him a line and pull him onto my Marinaís dock.

Turns out the wet one is a boat bum living on a derelict anchored in the harbor. He has been coming into this marina to use the porta-potty and use it for shore access. He has been told he is not allowed on the dock previously but frankly is an *******. Still, ******* or not you donít risk drowning them no matter how much you might like to.

Finally, the legit marina tenants got smart and called the police. Hopefully they will get it straightened out. I also hope the guy that did the pushing doesnít face any repercussions. As long as the guy didnít drown, I really could care less about his wet phone ect....

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