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Ok so after some investigation here is what I have found.
The loop thatís making the noise is one of two that exit saltwater as part of the heat pump cooling system. The salon unit has its own exit point and the forward and pilothouse share one. They are fed off the same pump which is located closer to the salon unit.
Visual inspection of the pump and strainer seem ok.
When I turn off the valve at the throughhull thatís connected to the noisy loop it goes away, but I think thatís normal. Turning off the other throughull quiets the noise but itís still there...

Water output in both seem fine when open.
Also there is no leak, bilges are dry.

So based on all of this I doubt itís the pump or strainer as flow seems fine and turning off the throughhull near the pump doesnít help much.
Could I possibly have a blocked line to one of the two heat pumps up front and would that cause something like this?
Or could the vent have failed?

Also on a side note since itís an above water line exit why would there be enough pressure to make sure a loud sound, whatís the purpose of the vent loop?

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