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Originally Posted by Puffin_NT32 View Post
Check with your engine manufacturer. Fuel filter micron levels should be based on what manufacturer recommends. For example, my non-electronic 6BTA Cummins has a 30 micron primary Racor, and a 20 micron Fleetguard secondary on the engine, which is the Cummins recommendation for this engine. If I had an electronic "Q" series Cummins, they require higher filtering rates, and the primary would be a 10 micron Racor with a 2 micron secondary on the engine.

I generally agree that using what the manufacturer recommends is a good solution. I have a Cummins QSB and use the 10 micron primary, 2 micron secondary that Cummins recommends.

I have the 900 turbo Racor series on my boat. The max fuel flow of those is 90 gph. The max fuel flow of the 1000 series is twice that. While I am not sure, I would imagine that the resistance to flow of a 2 micron filter in the 1000 series is actually less than the resistance to flow in my 900 series with the 10 micron filter. As such, I would be very comfortable running 2 micron in a pair of 1000s in my engine. However, I would be very cautious about changing my 10 micron filters to 2 micron filters.

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