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RE: Salt water washdown pump reccommendations

My AC pump moves over 6000 gallons per hour. I have valves to use as bilge pump (each compartment), fire pump (bow or stern outlets), and deck/anchor wash (bow and stern outlets).

The bilge function works in two ways:

*For normal bilging you pump sea water through an orifice to overboard. The orifice creates a suction to draw bilge water and debri from each compartment. This way, debri does not pass through the pump itself. This is how they pump fish through pipes at a fish processor.

*For emergency bilging you pump directly through the pump.

What I have wanted to do was to keep the AC system but add a DC pump with more valves so that I can use the same plumbing and run either pump depending on what I need to wash.

Then, the DC pump can be used for normal anchor washing but when the really yucky stuff comes up on the chain, I can fire up the AC pump.
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