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Cruise at a speed/length ratio of .9 ? Rediculus. That is 4.7 knots for my 30' boat. Lots of large ships do that but not power yachts. SL of 1.1 to 1.15 is more like it. For a boat to equal the efficency of a FD boat at SL .9 at SL 2.4 it would need to be a freak in terms of displacement, B/L ratio, wetted surface ect ect. The boat would be useless except to perform the feat. As for the box keel .. the more weight it supported the less initial stability the boat would have and being a 50 year old design it's brobably quite narrow. I really liked the river boat you refered to with the John Atkin designs ( River Queen as I recall ) but it is a river boat and seaworthyness is not a strong point. Your'e barking up*the right tree with long narrow boats, however, and most*50 year old designs are narrow and more efficent because they didn't have much power then.

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Eric Henning

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