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RE: Changing boat name.

Pay no attention to Marin as he likes to taunt the gods of the sea and the winds.*

Here's something we used for the renaming ceremony on FlyWright. It's a combination of a couple of variations we found on the net. It's divided into denaming and naming rituals.* We kind of got carried away with the very last, long sip.* It lasted several hours best I can recall.


In the name of all who have sailed aboard this ship in the past, and in the name of all who may sail aboard her in the future, we invoke the ancient gods of the wind and the sea to favor us with their blessing today.

Mighty Neptune, king of all that moves in or on the waves; and mighty Aeolus, guardian of the winds and all that blows before them...

We offer you our thanks for the protection you have afforded this vessel in the past. We voice our gratitude that she has always found shelter from tempest and storm and enjoyed safe passage to port.

Now, wherefore, we submit this supplication, that the name whereby this vessel has hitherto been known, (insert former boat name here), be struck and removed from your records. Further, we ask that when she is presented for blessing with another name, she shall be recognized and shall be accorded, once again, the same privileges she previously enjoyed.

In return for which, we rededicate this vessel to your domain in full knowledge that she shall be subject as always to the immutable laws of the gods of the wind and the sea.
In consequence whereof, and in good faith, we seal this pact with a libation offered according to the hallowed ritual of the sea.


For thousands of years, we have gone to sea. We have crafted vessels to carry us and we have called them by name. These ships will nurture and care for us through perilous seas, and so we affectionately call them "she." To them we toast, and ask to celebrate (insert new name here).

Response: To the Sailors of old.

(Everybody takes a sip.)

The moods of the sea are many, from tranquil to violent. We ask that this ship be given the strength to carry on. The keel is strong and she keeps out the pressures of the sea.

Response: To the Sailors of old...and to the Sea.

(Everybody takes a sip.)

Today we come to name this lady (insert new name here) and send her to sea to be cared for, and to care for the (insert family name here) family. We ask the sailors of old and the mood of the god that is the sea to accept (insert new name here) as her name, to help her through her passages, and allow her to return with her crew safely.

(While christening the bow with champagne or a libation of your choice) I name this ship (insert new name here) and may she bring fair winds and good fortune to all who sail on her.

Response: To the Sailors before us...To the Sea...To (insert new name here)!

Everybody takes a last, long sip.
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