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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
If you are gonna use brass knuckles then get a good set.

Most people cant throw a good punch, let alone with an additional 5 or more pounds in your hand.

Easy to sidestep or roll out of and send a kill shot to your throat or other vital areas.

Like all hand to hand, you have to be better than the other guy, weapons are useless unless you are good with them and the other guy is equal at best.
I didn't say 5 lbs or more, I said 2 or 4. And I didn't say throw a punch. Imagine closing the distance on a perp, spinning to back into him and bring this down on his femur. If he is still standing he bear hugs you or choke holds you. You crash this down on his head, ie. kind of a reverse tomahawk.

You could even fall to the ground and break his ankle (or two).

And brass knucks might be construed as a weapon.

Sure you oughta train, but I think it would be a very good, very stealthy, self defense weapon.
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