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Well, here is my post weekend report. It was total of 9 nine batteries on board in 4 four different locations. Port engine side has fiberglass batteries holding box had 2 parallel connected batteries, under the generator same size box had 2 batteries, one was connected to generator and the other one was parallel connection to stb side batteries bank of 2. But then there was another location of 3 golf cart type batteries parallel connected together (6 volt) and then in serious connected to stb bank of 3 parallel connected 12 volt batteries. Complete nonsense. All of them were removed. All jerry-rigged wiring as well were removed. Now I only have 3 batteries one per engine and one for generator. The result is a beautiful weekend on water. New xentrack truecharge 2 40amp 3 banks was installed with remote panel. Well I was not imagining such smooth start. Single turn of starter and both engines were running, two spins on generator and it was alive and happy. Honestly I think she likes me. I give her well needed bath and off we went for 3 hour ride. which was nothing but joy. She behaved very well. At first both engines produced allot of white smoke. 30-40 min on water and everything cleared. I opened throttle up to see how she would behave. Well she was trying to go on plane. I found out that the most comfortable rpm is arround 1600. She was doing 8.7 knots without any struggle and we'll leveled.
I have to correct myself about water tanks. There was total of 3 stainless steel tanks. One under each bed in the aft cabin and one in lazaret. Fuel tanks ( I was correct) all four of them are in the engine room. As I was told side port and stb tanks are called day tanks and two center tanks are storages. All I have left to figured out is the fuel system. I know for sure that there is no fuel transfer/polishing system between the tanks. And there is somewhat complicated fuel distribution valve system. That is the only thing left on my list.
I will update this thread as I go. I have to learn how to post pictures an videos here. Many thanks to all of you. I am sure I will have more questions.
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