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Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
Vadim, I`m thinking 8D batts, commonly called 200Ah batts here(though some are now really around 250Ah) were less developed 35 years ago, and something smaller will do some jobs these days. Remember, in the IG set up, they do both start and house,so they need capacity.
From memory, my 8Ds are 200/240Ah,and 1200/1450 CCA. The Onan manual specifies a 150Ah batt(is there a 6D?),huge for starting a 3cyl Kubota dsl,but it has to do a preheat first.
The big problem with 8Ds is size and weight,I think they were intended to be lifted into trucks using a small forklift, not by 2 men at risk of a back injury shoehorning one into a boat.
If as I think, you intend the batt you bought to do house and start, you may be able to put 2 of them together in the box where the 8D used to sit, otherwise I don`t think you have enough capacity. Doing that twice,ie 4 batts in total, gets spendy. Lots of US TF guys get other kinds of batt a lot cheaper than than your choice, and I`m unfamiliar with batts over there,so I hope they chime in and make suggestions. I`ll PM someone who might help.
Bruce , you are correct of course re size and capacity, although as a start battery they get little stress - I doubt the starter motors on our Lehmans have to crank them more than a quarter of the fly wheel before they fire and with all lights converted to LEDs they aren`t stressed there. We don`t have an inverter - the main stress comes from the elect flush toilet with a minimul amount for the sewerage treatment plant (chlorine injection pump). I guess LEDs have changed the battery equation.

My gut feeling is we could get away with two "car" size batteries per engine - one for start and two for house.
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