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I have an Achilles 9' inflatable, with the air floor, 65 lbs. I put a DC port here and there for my LED floods and bow light, and have a high speed inflator/deflator pump that fits those ports and will fill the boat in 2-3 minutes to 3 psi. The floor needs 10 psi, so you have to actually pump the floor, but the tubes are 3 psi and inflating the floor to that much makes it into a boat and eliminates much of the physical pumping. It deflates equally fast using the electric air pump.

I store it rolled up, tow it when inflated and at my destination, and put the motor on it where the tides dictate. 2 small children can pick it up and carry it above or down to the tide line with no motor on it. For me, it's the best possible solution.
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