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My boat has the same battery set up as Brisboy, the standard system,even carried across to some Integrity boats.We still have 8Ds. No dedicated house bank, the batts do start and house, not usual but it works.The genset is your backup, do not use the genset batt for anything else, I gave mine its own solar charger.
With all those batts you may have a dedicated house bank, a better set up. You might need to get an electrician in to work out which batt does what. If you have 2 start,one genset,maybe a thruster batt or 2,you get to 4 or 5,the other 2 might be house. There will be charging connectors somewhere.
If you get someone to help in early for the delivery trip,they should have the knowledge to check the systems,if only for their own safety on the trip.
I still have the original Newmar charger, ancient but works well. I have solar for the main batts as well.Test batts before you start replacing. Same with the charger. Good batts "bleed" into less good tired ones so replacing all batts in one group is a good idea.
The systems will seem challenging at first, but IGs are well designed and built, you will come to grips with it, as you work on parts of it, you learn. Keep asking questions as you work through it.
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