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John: Good luck in your search! I was in your "boat" last July when I was shopping for Camano 31's.

I was initially looking to buy a "newer" model as well. But I couldn't justify the cost of shipping one via trailer. I was seriously considering one in CA and another one in AL. I got uShip quotes from $4400-$6800 for the AL boat and closer to $10k (total) for the California rig. These were ballpark figures... The CA boat had an aftermarket fixed radar arch w / open array and would have needed to been disassembled. Yada, yada, yada....I never crunched the numbers on boating the AL one from AL to MA but it still would've been a lot (not just fuel but accommodations and provisions. Plus I couldn't dedicate 3+ plus weeks away from work).

Long story short.....I settled on a few closer to me.

I agree with you about the bigger fuel tanks. That's a great upgrade on the "newer" models. Not a huge increase in tankage but every little bit counts! I still find it odd that the original boats only have 100 US gallons of tankage. Pretty small for a boat this size. My C Dory 25' had a single 100 gallon tank. I think twin 75 fuel tanks would've been awesome for the Camano. I wouldn't mind giving up a good deal of the water storage to get more fuel.

Sorry, as to the engine options I can't help you. I've got the old , tried and tested TAMD41p-A. She's still running strong 18 years later..... A D4 sounds nice though....I wouldn't mind having one! LOL

2005 Silverton 35 Motoryacht
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