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Originally Posted by Comodave View Post
I use Cetol Marine Light and it isn’t orange. bTW, I called Interulx and asked about using epoxy first and the coating with Cetol. They said absolutely not to use epoxy as a primer or undercoat.
And yes, do not use epoxy first! We have a good friend who refinished his cap rail and exterior doors. Stripped everything to bare wood. Used thinned MAS epoxy then Cetol. The Cetol failed and then the epoxy failed because it has no UV protection. He had to strip everything down to bare wood and start all over. He cried, litterly.

We use to Ceto Light and then 3 coats of their gloss over it. Once a year we lightly sand and a couple more coats of gloss. If we happen to chip the finish down to bare wood, no problem. I use a foam brush to touch up the damaged area with the Light and sand smooth before the annual maintanance coats of the gloss. When we bought Hobo the cap rail was varnish, never again.

We live/cruise year round in the sun and for us, the Cetol is a great compromise. It doesn’t have the depth that 10 coats of gloss varnish gives you but from 5’ away you can’t tell the difference and the annual maintenance ritual is manageable.
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