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Not to hijack this thread, but thought I would add my take on wine. As a former Production Supervisor of a Sonoma County winery (Kenwood Winery) I would like to comment on California wines - wine is a product of "Mother Nature" - it is not like making Coca Cola or Budweiser - you are given what the Harvest gives you. As Mike Lee the original owner of Kenwood said "Mark - you can make bad wine out of good grapes, but you cannot make good wine out of bad grapes. Every year will be different. Had people ask "do you have any sweet red wine" ? I answered " I hope not" !! I'm a red wine fan and my wife is a white wine fan - cannot go wrong with Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc (Mike's specialty), and a great price point. I bottled 140,000 cases of it one year. Now I am on a Malbec kick, and a great one is Red Schooner 3rd Voyage (4th Voyage is also out). Grapes come from Argentina and the wine is made by Caymus in Napa. Believe me, you do not have to pay big bucks for good wine. Wine in a box is a great deal (Australia/New Zealand) - no oxygen intrusion to spoil the wine - no "corked" wine and a lot of volume in a small space. My 2 cents.
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