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Re: Dd

I have a 1984 Californian 34 LRC with two of these engines; 8.2 250hp turbo charged. One is original w/4000 hrs; one has been rebuilt & now has 1800 hrs. I get a total fuel burn @ 2000 rpm of 10-12 gph, and a speed of aout 8 -8.5 kts. Top speed seems to be about 22 kts. Unfortunately, over many miles of happy cruising & gunkholing, the props have gotten a bit smaller, & the boat has gotten a bit heavier. Funny how owners, pets, and boats all take on similar characteristics over the years. Anyway, my feeling is that these are engines you either love or hate. They like to drip oil here & there, they are sensitive to heat, and parts are getting expensive. But, all I have to do is touch the key and they start; they don't smoke, they aren't all that hard on fuel, they don't use oil, and they are smooth under way. I'm not sure what the 4082 number is in your post. I'd surely have a qualified 8.2 mechanic go over them very carefully first. Other than that, I wouldn't be afraid of them. Might even be a bit of leverage in the boat's pricing, given the varied reputation these engines have. Good Luck
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