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It looks like you have about 50 square feet of sail area there. On your 38 foot boat you may notice a slight improvement in a heavy wind, but don't expect too much.

In a nutshell, if the sail causes your boat to heel, it will decrease the rolling motion. I doubt if you'd see any heeling (or reduced rolling) unless you had 20+knots of wind on the beam. - and then you'd want to make sure your rigging is suitable to handle the force of 20 knots of wind.

My 30 foot motorsailer has 300 square feet of sail area. Most "proper" 30 foot sailboats have 360-600 square feet of sail area. In a beam sea with 20 knots of wind, the rolling on my boat is reduced by about 90% with the sails up. In 5 knots of wind, the sails do little or nothing.
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