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Hi Seattle Boat Guy.

Your anchor/riding/steadying sail looks particularly small for you size and weight of boat.

My Grand Banks 32 (about 20K pounds all up) came with a sail about that size or maybe a bit bigger. I tried it as an "anchor sail" to hopefully reduce the boat's desire to sail around the anchor. Not particularly effective. in about 15-20 kts of wind, with no current, the boat tended to wander through an arc of maybe 90 degrees over the course of a minute or so. With the sail deployed, that was reduced to maybe 60 degrees. Barely worth the effort in my opinion, but might be more effective in a higher wind situation. I have also heard that if you are under way and must deal with the rolling caused by a beam sea, that a steadying sail might help reduce the rolling. Given the small size of these sails as limited by the mast and boom size that typically come with our trawlers, I doubt that the sail would be very effective at that as well (but I don't actually have any experience setting the sail while under way). Basically, I think these sails on our boats are mostly "for pretty."
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