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On one of our previous boats we had to add ballast in the stern. None of the drains in the boat worked because the builder added a cockpit to a design that didnít have one originally. We added 1300 pounds in the stern and increased our water tanks in the stern by almost 100 gallons. It made the drains work better, but not as good as I would have liked but I didnít have any more room for more ballast. The boat had a 16í beam so there was a huge amount of bouyancy aft. It was the best I could do short of cutting off the cockpit and that wasnít happening... Good luck with your project. We also replaced the fuel tank that was in the stern but not all the way into the cockpit and went from 400 gallons to 565 gallons. It takes a lot of ballast in the stern to make a difference.
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