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Ski's advice will help you find the problem. Don't change out a fuel solenoid until you've diagnosed it as the problem. Check the voltage at the solenoid when the switch is being held in and when it's released. If it drops but doesn't zero, there might be Along with the daisy-chain safety switches, some of the Westerbeke's are configured with a 12V relay that actually does the circuit switching in that safety circuit. The panel switch simply operates the relay. Yours may or may not be so equipped. Those relays are subject to contact erosion, and when the contacts get bad, there's enough voltage drop added to the circuit that the solenoid behaves like it's failing. Fortunately, the relays aren't expensive, I keep a few spares on board and have replaced them at least twice in 10 yrs. They should be located in the junction box near the generator section. They're cheap & easy enough to change out that a parts change diagnosis isn't out of line. YMMV
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