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What would you do?

Well, here's my 2 cents worth. When I got divorced 15 years ago, I reluctantly lost my beloved 34' Irwin sailboat. I never thought I could replace her. It was just perfect, right size, fast, etc, etc. Well of course I did and found to my surprise it wasnt as perfect as I thought. That may be the mind set you're in right now, especially after 15 years of ownership. You fell in love with the boat, warts and all.*
Boats are never a good investment, heck theyre no investment at all, but some are better than others. Putting the money your talking about into an older boat will return very very little even though you say you don't care. But some day you'll want to get something out of this dismal investment and perhaps a wiser move would be to consider your other options. I didn't catch the age of the other boats you're considering, but I think you've advised several times on TF, buy the newest boat you can afford.
A larger boat especially for two people is really a matter of perception and perhaps to a lesser degree a matter of design. My somewhat newer '98 model boat was designed with the aid of CAD software and the results can be easily seen in space and working environment when compared to older boats. Though only 35 ft (40 ft hull) the living space for 2 is ample. But again that's my perception and others may not agree. Also, not one bit of exposed teak, yea.
Marin, you are probably one of the wises persons on TF. You'll make the right decision for you, and your wisdom shows by initiating this discussion.*

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