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RE: What would you do?

Marin wrote:"On the other hand, all that room in the main cabin and galley of either the GB46....but after 13 years of owning out boat, I do not want to wash, polish, wax, or maintain the wood finish on one more inch of boat.* I don't want one more inch of deck or one more inch of handrail or caprail."
*Marin, I think I know where you are coming from, as I have had those same thoughts, and my reply would be as follows....

If I only had enough money to really complete/re-do/replace/install what I don't have on Lotus now, but would like, then that's what I would do.* But if I came into enough money I could do much more than that, like virtually renew, which is what you are envisaging, then I'd definitely sell her and go new or near new and get the boat we would really like, but not go over the top.* Just a bit bigger, and all fibreglass - and yes - minimal exposed timber.* So I'm with you there, and many new boats are going that way anyway, including Fleming.* What I would not do is move away from the sedan/Europa style boat like we do have, because I just love that rear cockpit and larger saloon, and the indoor/outdoor lifestyle it allows.* But we would like the extra stateroom a larger, say 40 to 50 foot length would allow, and the increased cruise speed also.* But that's all.* Now I know you would like the Europa style too, because you have said so several times, and sadly, no matter how much you spend on the GB 36 aft cabin you have, that is one thing you can't change, and one thing I fear you would eternally regret not having got.
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