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RE: What would you do?

"And we have another boat, an Arima fishing boat (on a trailer) that has kind of taken a back seat to the GB these past years.* We both love salmon and halibut*fishing on the Arima so not having the GB would give us a chance to use it more."

That softens the blow and adds to the equation.
"On the other hand, all that room in the main cabin and galley of either the GB46 or the FL55 would sure be nice......"
We have a saying with hot rods, there is no substitute for cubic inches... If money really has been removed from the equation several of the marinas I am considering have detailing services for reasonable rates.
"after 13 years of owning out boat, I do not want to wash, polish, wax, or maintain the wood finish on one more inch of boat.* I don't want one more inch of deck or one more inch of handrail or caprail."

The advice of a newbie, probably not worth .02*
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