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RE: What would you do?

CPseudonym wrote:
I do not know you as well as your peers on this forum but the question to answer from my standpoint is would I wish to be without use of my boat for a year for the rebuilding process?**
Good question but we have so much stuff going on that not having the GB for a year would not be an issue.* Actually it could be a blessing if I don't*pick up the pace on my current writing project.* And it might not be a whole year anyway-- the very*rough estimates we've gotten from various yards have ranged widely in terms of*time.*

And we have another boat, an Arima fishing boat (on a trailer) that has kind of taken a back seat to the GB these past years.* We both love salmon and halibut*fishing on the Arima so not having the GB would give us a chance to use it more.
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