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RE: What would you do?

Woodsong wrote:
*Many may say get the bigger boat just to get the bigger boat but that does not guaranty happiness.
*A large part of my reason (my wife has different reasons) for currently leaning toward a complete rebuild of the GB36-- assuming this happens at all-- is that while we both lusted after the immaculate GB46s in the large local charter fleet that we have to walk past every time we go to our boat, after 13 years of owning out boat, I do not want to wash, polish, wax, or maintain the wood finish on one more inch of boat.* I don't want one more inch of deck or one more inch of handrail or caprail.* Because if we bought a different boat, we'd still do as much of the maintenance as we could.

On the other hand, all that room in the main cabin and galley of either the GB46 or the FL55 would sure be nice......
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