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RE: What would you do?

I'd fix up our Monk AND buy the fleming!

Obviously no point talking money- it makes no sense to rebuild the GB 36 from a $$$ standpoint. It really boils down, IMO, to what you all will enjoy and make you happy and further your enjoyment on the water. With just the 2 of you, a smaller boat is easy to handle, dock, clean, etc. Over 20 years of ownership, dockage difference alone could easily be $2-4K a year, call it $3k a year, so factor the dockage savings into keeping the GB36- it will certainly add up over the years!!! Many may say get the bigger boat just to get the bigger boat but that does not guaranty happiness. I am all about buying the boat that meets your needs- whether that is a 36 or a 55 or a 20. I genuinely love our little Monk 36 and even though on a practical standpoint, we really "need' more space with 2 kids and the dog and my wife and I....truth be told....I love that little Monk and would be 110% happy keeping her. If the GB36 meets your needs, allows you to cruise everywhere and how you want, you find yourself not needing more space, enjoy being aboard and owning her, and you don't need a large boat like the 55 or 46, I'd be inclined to say stick with your GB36. If it were just my wife and I we would be extremely happy with our Monk and would never think of getting another boat.
Sometimes there is more beauty in simplicity. But then again, the F55 sure is pretty too!
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