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What would you do?

hollywood8118 wrote:
If you are going to do that kind of project... you are doing it because you like the project aspect of it....

...If you are going to dump that kind of money dump it into a boat you have some hope of getting at least some of your money back.
FWIW, the GB36 rebuild would not be a project for us.* It would be a total turnkey operation.* "Here's the boat,*we want it*back in a year with x-things done to it."

Good points all in your post, but remember, we got into this kind of boating without intending or*expecting to get any of the money we spend on boating back. In this respect, our boat is no different than my fly fishing gear.* So the money spent on rebuilding the GB36 or the money spent on an FL55 or GB46 would be "gone" money.* Hobby money. *So resale value does not factor at all into our decision.

It probably would in most other people's, however.* Hence the question--- would you fix up your current boat or spend the same amount of money toward a different boat?* The amount can be whatever it needs to be to fix up your own boat--- $10,000, $100,000, whatever.*

I'm interested in what you guys would do, not what you guys think we should do.

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