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RE: What would you do?


An interesting delema....

First.. how much do I like my present boat?, enough to dump that kind of money and effort into her.. nope!

If you are going to do that kind of project... you are doing it because you like the project aspect of it.* Don't get me wrong I like to tinker on boats but it is for the end result of using the boat to " get away ". If you are going to dump that kind of money dump it into a boat you have some hope of getting at least some of your money back.

My money* would go into the Fleming 55, beautiful boats that I have always dreamed about.* A bigger boat doesn't necessarily equate to a tougher boat to operate, but it definitely will be a more comfortable boat. I couldn't believe the difference from our GB36 to Volunteer from a comfort standpoint.. And it was not one bit harder to deal with.

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