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Which Trawler?

I'm going to add another cost in Marin's formula....

I had picked a particular layout that I wanted...not necessarily a looking and deciding on a boat is going to have another layer I believe. I found boats to my liking either below what I was willing to pay or above....only one that fell into my initial purchase price range. Well what happens is you wind up knowing you'll sepnd a LOT of money on the boat if it falls around or below your price range unless you are lucky and have lots more cash than many. Even new boats take a lot of money to outfit and get the way you want them.

So to Marin's formula and in order...Buying, Refinishing/equipping, then year to year ownership...depending on what you settle on and ultimately demand out of your boat...step 2 can be costly and come fast and furious just to get the boat to where you'll start cruising her and then the "nice to have" improvements can come in the "owning" years.

Some people don't budget for long term issues... like the major expense of getting a new boat down the road (in case the current one just gets too worn out to keep up for ANY reason, replacement with insurance reimbursement because the 2 numbers rarely match, new engine/s, etc, etc....only you can decide after a couple years where that number should be monthly/annually...some may just factor this number into annual ownership...some may call it a 4th cost of ownership...but many never discuss it as if it were a dirty word.

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