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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post
Neither of us have ever been to a resort or on a cruise, prefer off the beaten track.

I got out my Explorer chartbook, it is the "near Bahamas" version, looks like to get Eleuthera and Exumas I need another book. On the list.

Another Q: I have Bahama charts from C-map in my old laptop that has a dead screen. I bought this in 2015 from Rosepoint and had it downloaded. I've got to get the maps onto this new laptop using CE. I guess I need to contact RP to do this??

Oh, and clarification on Q1: Bugs. What type is the primary problem? Gnats, skeeters, flies? I know in the Keys it is usually gnats and skeeters. Different strategies for different bugs. My girl and I do NOT like bug problems.
shoot, with that kind of range, head to San Sal! Anchor at Grahams Harbour and raid the club med to see touristy white people and nite life. Climb the kerosene lighthouse. Do you dive, or snorkel? They have 30 lb grouper that follow you around.

BUGS... avoid "rural" Andros. the bad bugs there are horseflys. And, I'm a fan of Andros, btw. Camped and dove cave there. Oh, and, it's all rural
more on BUGS. You are anchoring out? Staying aboard with or without a/c? Wife and I have maybe 300 nites out, on boats generally more primitive than yours (no 120V/no air cond) all thru the Bahamas. We ended up making no-see-um screens and used alot of forced air.

It's all good; make a lot of stops. Normans, shroud, the hermitage, the glass window, thunderball cave, little harbour, ; overall, the berries are my least favorite, followed by nassau, bimini and abacos (FL east). But, even those are far better than what I will be seeing all this week.

ps; I'll catch flak for this, but don't boat to Key West. Drive there and rent a moped. Spend the boat fuel WELL east of that one.
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