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Thanks, all. She is not into the "touristy" things, but if she shows interest in something like that, I will happily change course. 15 years ago, She had spent months exploring Baja, Mexico and New Mexico in a VW Vanagon camper. My boat is very basic compared to most here, but is luxury compared to the Vanagon. It does have gennie, hot water, AC, standup shower, decent galley, refrigerator and freezer. We have taken multi day local trips, including some offshore, handles all like a trooper.

We only rarely engage in restaurants considered to be "fine dining". Usually cook simple stuff or stop at places that could be considered "dives", but with good food and locals. Simple Simple works. Neither of us have ever been to a resort or on a cruise, prefer off the beaten track.

We are gonna hit Nippers, though!!

I got out my Explorer chartbook, it is the "near Bahamas" version, looks like to get Eleuthera and Exumas I need another book. On the list.

Another Q: I have Bahama charts from C-map in my old laptop that has a dead screen. I bought this in 2015 from Rosepoint and had it downloaded. I've got to get the maps onto this new laptop using CE. I guess I need to contact RP to do this??

Oh, and clarification on Q1: Bugs. What type is the primary problem? Gnats, skeeters, flies? I know in the Keys it is usually gnats and skeeters. Different strategies for different bugs. My girl and I do NOT like bug problems.
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