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Abacos a great place to start. Grand Bahama might be worth a day or so on the way to the Abacos. Abacos-Spanish Cay, Green Turtle, Bakers has gone Private, Orchid, Man-o-War. Maybe pick 2 or 3 of them, then Marsh Harbour. From the Abacos, we recommend Harbour Island. Romora's is our preferred stop there. then perhaps a little time around the south of Eleuthera.

The Exumas and Long Island and all is great but a lot of travel to get to a few places. You'll have to judge your time.

Now, I'm going to strongly suggest an area many will not and that is Nassau. Yes, it's a city, got it's negatives, but it's also thriving with Bahamas flavor. And, I don't know your girl's likes and dislikes and easy for me to spend your money, but if she likes Disneyworld, she'll love Atlantis. That might be a short surprise for her with the park, with all the attractions there, one dinner in a fine restaurant. Yes, just a big resort that could be anywhere, but that's where it is.

The Berries. Hurricanes weren't kind to them. I was a huge fan. Perhaps worth a couple of days still, maybe to relax and recover from Atlantis on the way back home.

Bimini and Cat Cay are for most just stops of convenience. Cat Cay is easy for clearing in and out since they are so tourist unfriendly.

Cat Cay to Miami and then down to keys works well. Obviously you can go across and as far down the keys as you wish to start, but why battle the Gulf Stream plus Miami is such a good starting place just to follow the keys south.
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