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Bahamas Itinerary and Q's

This June my girl and I are going to take Louisa down the ditch (she has never seen the whole thing) and get to S.Fla then jump over to the Abacos. I have been over there several times, including on Louisa, but always in the winter/spring months as that is the quiet time for my work. Weather then was iffy at best and snotty at worst. I hear summer is much more likely to be calm, until you get tropical storm systems, but hopefully they will hold off til later in the summer. My girl is a teacher, so come early June she is OFF work!!

So the plan is to spend maybe a week picking through the Abacos, which I know well. But then....??? Maybe south to Eluthera?? I've never been there.

From there to Berries (been to Great Harbor, liked it much)?? Or a wild thought was from Eluthera west and then pick thorough the channels in Andros to the west side?? Are those channels passable for 3'draw?

Ultimately we want to end up in the Fla Keys, which we could do by crossing the Cay Sal. But that I think is pushing it as while she is a tough WV girl, I don't like exposing her to that much open water and risk so far from civilization.

So probably go from the Berries west to Bimini then to northern keys.

Boat particulars: 38' single engine, max range at 7.5kts about 1200nm, range at 20kts about 500nm. 3' draw, exposed prop (I know). Max duration due to water, food, ice (and beer) about 3days comfortably. Will have a small dink and little outboard.

Q1: What is the bug situation out there in june? Skeeters, no-see-ums, flies with big teeth??

Q2: Worth it to go to Eluthera after exploring Abaco? Other must see stops in the area S. of Abaco?

Q3: Anyone gone through the channels crossing Andros? Or is that skiff only territory?

Just getting into planning stages.
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