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Originally Posted by High Wire View Post
The ST6001 has AUTO mode and TRACK mode.
AUTO only needs the fluxgate compass to stay on heading.
TRACK mode needs waypoint data via NMEA 0183 interface from a GPS of some sort.
Off topic, my ST6001 will drift offcourse 100 ft in TRACK mode before it realizes its offcourse then makes a 20 degree correction. It will hold that until its 100 ft offcourse to the other side then correct. It will zig zag the whole width of the ICW in TRACK. There is no setting to reduce the deadband. I've tried everything in the manual. AUTO mode is the only acceptable mode inland.

I have the same RM AP and it will hold a track with usually less than 6 of cross track error.

My only complaint is that it hunts a bit when it first starts on a track. It will make a 10 turn to port or starboard and then turn back to settle in on the track. Once it has, it never varies. At times I think it may be that there is no boat speed on my boat, only SOG. My sailboat had the same system but did have a boat speed indicator that gave speed through the water. With as much current as we have here, that may make a difference.

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