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RE: 43 Jet Tern Marine

Yes it is early to have blistering issues but rather than worry about trying to get warranty work performed I figure spending a couple of hundred bucks with a local fiberglass guy is much easier. It's one of the reasons I would never buy a new boat of any kind - I couldn't stand having to live with problems until I was able to get to a warranty location. I am happier to fix it myself or pay.

I don't want to give the impression Jet Tern ignores customers. One owner recently had an exhaust riser on one of his engines break a weld on a boat that is a few years old. JT paid a god portion of this repair.

We live on the east coast and boat in the Atlantic all the time. Our travel takes up up and down the coast and out as far as Nantucket which often is an ugly trip. It handles rough water wonderfully (with stabilizers) - even our dogs and cat put up with it and don't abandon ship at first chance. We plan to spend 6 months a year on board and find the 48 a very livable boat. We anchor out or (in busy harbors) pick up a mooring 90% of the time.

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