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Originally Posted by Xsbank View Post
Never seize is not a good idea on a conductor of any sort, it is conductive and can migrate and cause a short which can cause all sorts of mayhem.

Hmmm! On a roll am I.

I should not have said Nev R Seez. I did mean No A Lox but also should have explained to use it ONLY on the larger terminals such as your battery connections and Large Busses. It is conductive, it is used industrially for alum. wire and copper connections and has its use aboard the boat but as explained above. Not anywhere near small connections or electronic equipment connections or plugs.

So to modify my post, I can't go back and edit, it is safest to use only a silicone grease, often referred to as a dielectric grease. That stuff is not conductive, will not cause a short will exclude oxygen and seal out moisture unless the connections are being bathed in, especially seawater. Keep your wiring DRY.

Just be carefull how much you apply as it can also make a mess. I often use a cotton swab or a lightly coated paper towel for bigger areas to apply a small quantity in a confined area. CLean up any squeeze out.
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