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Originally Posted by k9medic View Post
So help me with my math. I must have missed something.

Right now 1kw is metered at $0.65 in the Bahamas. If I am using 55kw every 24 hours that is an extra $35.75 a day that I am spending. On our planned trip that is an additional $650 that I will spend.

I don't want to pole vault over mouse turds but if I can cut that cost and "trade" the expense of the equipment for it then it's a win.
I'm confused. I don't understand the point in calculating your kW usage in context with 12V battery capacity. If the objective here is to use the 12V fridge/freezer on 12V to cut back on shore power consumption, you're robbing peter to pay paul. The original post led me to believe you were discussing an off-grid situation and running on the battery bank, but your calculations are including general consumption of kW hrs from shore power. If your Bahamas stay is primarily in marinas, your 12V consumption is moot.

What is it you're trying to achieve?
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