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Follow my wiring crazy - inverter and solar install thought

I've hit this topic a few times and with a pending 3 week trip to the Bahamas this summer I might finally act on it.

Right now I have 4 Optima AGM batteries that are hooked up in parallel. These are starting and house batteries combined. Each battery has about 66ah so in theory I have 264ah available. If you go by the 50% theory, I really only have 132ah available but I have a generator on a separate battery so I would think I could go to 40% with no issues and have 158ah available.

My thought is to replace my Promariner 60amp charger with a new charger/inverter like the ProMariner 02412. I could also add solar panels to my hard top which would supplement the charging.

If I did my math correctly, I should use about 50 amps per day estimating the following draws -

Fridge - 14 amps per day
Freezer - 14 amps per day
Misc outlets for TV, Satellite, etc... - 15 amps
AM/FM radio - 3 amps per day

In theory that gives me about 3 days before firing up the generator. If I add two 100 watt solar panel into the mix, then using a 400 watt estimate of "hours of power" per day calculation I should be able to create 800 watts or about 66 amp hours per day.

Does this make sense?
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