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Originally Posted by OldDan1943 View Post
.....The KK....are great coastal boats but, in an offshore storm I'm not sure if you would be comfortable on either of those boats. Difficult if not impossible to install active stabilizers.
A lot of Krogens have stabilizers. Over 48’ most do and are active stabilizers.

Originally Posted by OldDan1943 View Post
Granted there are exceptions to every rule and the 42 no doubt has a draft of about 4ft. So I guess it should be possible...
The design draft of a KK42 is 4’7” at half load. At full load it’s almost 5’. Active stabilzers are very common on the KK42.

I wouldn’t rule out the KK55 Expedition model. It has great livability and is a passage maker. Twin 158 hp John Deers with each drive train having a skeg to protect the shafts and rudders. At 8 knots, 2400 mile range with a 10% reserve and at 7 knots 4300 mile range.
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