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I have 3 systems right now running kinda in parallel.
1) CE on a computer with full integration to Furuno gear
2) Navionics and iSailor on iPad using Rosepoint NEMO for NMEA data
3) Full Furuno NavNet setup with TZT12, and very soon TimeZero Pro software

Overall the CE system is great but has a few limitations, the integration with AutoPilot aren't as rich, also a total lack of radar overlay, etc and no AIS integration beyond just display of targets.

The iPad setup is nice but can be a bit finicky. wouldn't use as my primary system.

The NavNet and TZ solution is hands down the best, BUT... its super expensive and requires all Furuno gear, that said if you have all Furuno gear its incredibly slick, easy to use and tons of valuable features and routing ability I need to learn.

Long term I think I will use TimeZero as my primary, with CE as a backup should something fail. I have yet to test out the iPad app for TZ but hear its good.

For your past experience, I think CE sounds like the right choice and is a great product. The rose point folks are awesome.

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